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Circular economy and the Optima Adaptable Meeting Room

The Optima Adaptable Meeting Room is a truly circular product that utilises and promotes the circular economy. With its modular and adaptable nature, this innovative office solution can be easily demounted, relocated, and reinstalled either within the same office or in a new location, providing a sustainable solution for the built environment both today and in the future. This versatile modern office solution enhances the sustainability of the working environment by reducing waste, promoting efficient resource utilisation, using the lowest embodied carbon materials and encouraging the circular economy.

Modular and adaptable nature of the Adaptable Meeting Room

One of the key unique features of the Optima Adaptable Meeting Room is its modular and adaptable nature. By being able to easily demount, reconfigure and reinstall this meeting room system, it offers a flexible solution that can adapt to changing office layouts and requirements. This flexibility ensures that as the needs of the office change, the meeting room system can be easily adapted to accommodate those changes, rather than being discarded and replaced. This promotes sustainability by reducing the need for new materials and construction, minimising waste generation, and extending the lifespan of this circular product. The ability to relocate and reinstall the meeting room system also reduces the environmental impact of office moves and renovations, further contributing to the circular economy and building more sustainable workspaces.

The Adaptable Meeting Room serves as a prime example of a truly circular solution, as it embodies the principles of reduce and reuse. By implementing a circular economic approach, we ensure that like all our glass partitioning solutions, the Adaptable Meeting Room is not a single-use product, but rather a resource that can be continuously repurposed and reused. This approach eliminates the concept of waste and also encourages a cyclical working environment, that drives real sustainable change in our industry.

Reuse service: reducing waste and promoting reusability

In addition to its modular design, the Adaptable Meeting Room is highly reusable through the Optima Reuse Service. This service allows for the reuse and repurposing of this meeting room system, extending its lifespan and maximizing its value. By offering a dedicated reuse service, we can ensure that the meeting room system remains in circulation and avoids becoming waste. This not only minimises the environmental impact associated with the traditional deconstruction at the end of the lease, but it also maximises the potential of this unique, reusable product and the space it is installed in. Furthermore, by reusing the Adaptable Meeting Room we are eliminating the carbon emissions associated with manufacturing a brand-new product. By reusing the Adaptable Meeting Room, we can offer our clients a high-performance, sustainable solution that enhances both our client’s and the industry’s environmental performance.

Reducing carbon emissions through reuse: Hana by Industrious

A prime example of the circularity of the Optima Adaptable Meeting Room is the reuse project we completed for Hana by Industrious in their London coworking space. By reusing an existing adaptable meeting room solution, Hana by Industrious saved a remarkable 98% of the carbon emissions associated with the fit-out compared to installing new products. This amounted to a staggering 4.1 tonnes of CO2e saved. This project demonstrates the incredible environmental benefits of reusing this meeting room system and showcases the potential for carbon emissions reduction through circular design and utilisation of our groundbreaking reusable Adaptable Meeting Room. By closing the loop in this way, we minimised the carbon impact of Hana’s new office, whilst maximising the potential of this smart bespoke meeting room system.

Hydro CIRCAL aluminium: the sustainable material choice

The Optima Adaptable Meeting Room, just like all our glass partitions and doors, also utilises the circular economy through its manufacturing process. The meeting room system is manufactured with Hydro CIRCAL low-carbon aluminium, which contains a minimum of 75% recycled post-consumer content, meaning the Adaptable Meeting Room has gone full circle. The lowest embodied carbon aluminium on the market, Hydro CIRCAL is the most sustainable aluminium product available on the market. By using this unique recycled aluminium product, the embodied carbon footprint of the Adaptable Meeting Room is significantly reduced, contributing to the decarbonisation of our client’s projects and the wider built environment.

Building a more sustainable future

The Optima Adaptable Meeting Room exemplifies the principles of the circular economy and represents an ideal solution for driving sustainability and decarbonisation in the built environment. By embracing the circular economic approach, we are revolutionising the way we design, manufacture, and use office spaces. The Adaptable Meeting Room is creating a more sustainable and regenerative future for the built environment.

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