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Precise control of your AMR smart spaces

TIG (Technological Innovations Group) works with technology brands that work together to precisely control the AMR environment. This includes booking panels, lighting, temperature and air-quality control.  In addition unified communications via screens installed in the AMR, are all controlled using devices such as smartphones. As well as that, we’re even ready for anything new that the future brings.

Crestron from TIG

The Crestron hardware from TIG provides the primary control, automation, and AV solutions. Importantly, it’s directly integrated into the AMR. Crestron’s systems offer the flexibility to customise the AMR to do virtually anything you need it to. Above all, design a solution that fits your needs. Furthermore, TIG and Optima, specify your AMR’s to create custom spaces. The smart spaces are flexible enough to meet any need, or tightly focused on a specific requirement.

Crestron smart spaces solutions available include the Crestron Mercury and Crestron Flex tabletop UC video conference systems for flawless visuals, Crestron Soundbars provide crystal clear audio.

MS Teams and Zoom that “just works”!

Crestron AV

Microsoft Teams and Zoom integrates seamlessly into the Crestron devices offered, and connects via a single touch. Without a doubt, it’s an experience that ‘just works’! No need for users to spend valuable time configuring or setting up equipment.

Additionally, TIG offers the power supplies and controls that bring all this together in your smart spaces. These are monitored and maintained remotely. For example, you can specify advanced collaborative working software from Oblong or Hoylu. Hence, worldwide communication and document sharing over infinite canvases.


The possibilities are infinite and endlessly customisable. The AMR default setup is ready specified but have a do-it-all setup if required.

Empower staff, collaborate and communicate with colleagues anywhere in the world, on any device. The most technologically advanced smart spaces systems available anywhere that ‘just-work’ are here.

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