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Benefits of the adaptable meeting room (AMR)

Workplaces have become more agile, and office designs have evolved, to accommodate the way we work today. People are now using their workspaces in more creative ways than ever. As a resultwe have developed the Optima Adaptable Meeting Room (AMRto provide smart and versatile solution to maximise the potential of your office space. This blog will take you through the various benefits of the adaptable meeting room. 

Quick installation

Installing the AMR is easy with its demountable structure. It can be built, taken down or even relocated quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated team of Project Managers and Site Managers consistently deliver exceptionally high-quality installations, on-time and to budget. A team of 2-3 of our specially trained technicians carry out the three step build process. Altogether, our experience and knowledge guarantee a swift and professional installation, minimising any impact on your business.

Unlike other pod systems, the AMR is fully adaptable. Quickly and easily change the size of your meeting rooms from small to large and large to small to suit the changing needs of the office.

Unique office neighbourhoods

The AMR comes in a range of sizes from a smaller 3x3m workspace to a spacious 6×3m meeting area. Therefore, whether you need a small private space to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy office, or you’re looking for somewhere the whole team can come together and brainstorm ideas; thAMR offers a modular solution to fit any office.  

As your business grows, your space can evolve with ItOur twist and lock” system allows you to build imaginative communities of adaptable meeting rooms. Furthermore, this unique function enables you to interlink the AMR’s corners together or join them side by side, creating a neighbourhood of adaptable spaces. As a result, these inner office communities not only build creative areas to work, the spaces in-between form inspirational and agile areas, utilising the surrounding space. 

Revolutionary ventilation

We have designed a state-of-the-art ventilation system (patent pending), which mounts on top of the AMR. Furthermore, the dual fan unit allows air to flow continuously. As a result, the quiet system recycles the AMR’s air at a minimum rate of 36 litres per second, per outlet. Additionally, this flow rate ensures CO2 in the AMR remains at a safe and optimal level.

The importance of clean air circulating throughout the office is often overlookedMany workspaces and meeting rooms offer poor air quality which can lead to headaches, coughing and even respiratory problems. The AMR’s ventilation system significantly reduces high CO2 levels. Therefore, the impressive airflow maintains a safe and optimal CO2 level in the AMR, providing a healthy and comfortable environment. 

Exceptional acoustics

With companies now encouraging greater mobility and collaboration in the workplaceoffices have as a result become busier and noisier. The AMR however provides high-quality acoustic performance, ensuring a more comfortable and effective working environment.  

Our adaptable meeting rooms are based on the high acoustic rating of our Revolution 100 partitions. This popular partition provides an impressive acoustic value of up to 41dB (with our double glazed walls).  As a result. whether you’re looking to keep the noise of a busy office out or you need a private space to meet confidentially, the acoustic ratings of the AMR create a peaceful and productive space to work in.

Integrated services

The AMR offers workspace that can be fully equipped for any of your business needs. From smart technology to a state-of-the-art ventilation system, the AMR offers a whole host of benefits for your business. The interactive features of the AMR allow you to control key functions such as lighting, climate control and you can even book rooms and schedule meetings from your smartphone or tablet. Also, because the AMR is a freestanding product, you can position it anywhere within your floor plan, seamlessly linking up to any existing building services 

The Running Magnet LED lighting scheme has been designed to maintain illumination throughout the AMR. Furthermore, the magnetic feature of the luminaries allows them to fit effortlessly into the surface of the ceiling. The lights can also be controlled using the fully integrated smart system which can be operated via your smartphone. Moreover, the lighting is dimmable to 1%, enabling you to adjust your working conditions to suit you 

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