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The modular meeting room has been around for several years, with many different variations of style, size and purpose. However, the Optima Adaptable Meeting Room (AMR) has been developed with one thing in mind. It provides a unique solution that transforms and revolutionises your space.   


What is the AMR?

The AMR is a freestanding adaptable solution designed to fit any office space. The demountable workspace can be put up, taken down or relocated quickly and efficiently, adapting to a changing office environment. The AMR offers businesses a dynamic way to transform their office space, boosting productivity and enhancing employee well-being. Our experienced team of product designers have developed a range of meeting spaces that promote collaborating, socialising or private working. As a result, the AMR not only accommodates the different contemporary working styles, it enhances them. 

The interactive office

Technology has become more and more integrated in office designs over the last decade. However, this technology has developed significantly in recent years. Our adaptable meeting rooms offer the latest in smart office technology, its interactive system allowusers to take control of their office. Features include state-of-the-art scheduling software that enables users to search for available rooms and invite attendees from their smartphone. Proximity detection technology can turn on the lights and power up the AV system before you even enter the AMR. The system can also turn them off when it’s no longer in use for maximum energy efficiency. Furthermore, not only does the AMR facilitate productivity with its leading-edge technology, it also offers a cost effective and energy efficient solution, transforming the entire business 

Twist and lock

Whereas other meeting pods in the market offer singular standalone rooms, the AMR allows you to connect multiple systems together. During the development of the AMR, our product designers recognised the importance for office space to be able to evolve. Therefore, this inspired the innovative creation of the “twist and lock” mechanism. The unique functionality connects multiples AMR’s together, joining the corners together or connecting them side by side. The system allows you to connect several meeting rooms together, building creative office neighbourhoods that reshape your office environment.

Cleaner air

Poor air flow in the office is a problem that can impact significantly on productivity and can even have serious health implications for employeesMost ventilation systems only redistribute air that is already circulating the roompumping out high levels of damaging CO2 

With the dangerous effects of poor air flow in mind, we developed a twin fan ventilation system for the AMRUnlike other systems, ours recycles the air in the roomsupplying clean air at a rate of up to 36 litres per second, per outlet. This impressive air flow ensures that CO2 levels within the AMR, remain at a safe and optimal level for people to work effectively for long periods of time. 

The innovative ventilation system doesn’t just produce an exceptional flow of clean air, it does so in a quiet manner. The acoustic hood that houses the fans creates an almost silent 25dB of sound pressure. With the numerous noise distractions in the workplace, the AMR has been designed to reduce any disturbances. As a result, the AMR’s twin fan system provides a healthy and safe work environment that enhances productivity. 

The opportunity of remote working

As office environments continue to change and the popularity of remote working risesthe opportunity for how we use meeting rooms is limitlessThe AMR transforms offices and equips employees with a space that enhances their flexible working styles. Our adaptable meeting rooms can provide small quiet space for private conversations with colleagues working out of the office. Whilst larger meeting rooms allow teams to convene and communicate from anywhere in the world. The AMR allows people to fully embrace the remote nature of modern work.  

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