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Designing for the future: Optima Adaptable Meeting Rooms and glass partitions utilise the Circular Economy in this immense project

This social media giant has recently completed the fit-out of its new office building which sits above the Farringdon East Crossrail Station. The popular short video app business’s new space spans 88,500 sq., ft and will house around 850 employees. This bright and airy space offers a dynamic, open plan workplace designed to enhance employee well-being throughout the building. Located in the colourful Kaleidoscope building, this new office will work as a central hub and even boasts a 5000 sq. ft roof terrace with views across London. With a combination of dynamic Adaptable Meeting Rooms (AMR) and stunning glass partitioning systems, we seamlessly integrated a variety of our products into this stylish design. As a result, we delivered a sleek and sustainable finished project which met all the client’s bespoke design requirements.

Farringdon, London

Perkins & Will


Our biggest AMR project to date

Made up of 59 Adaptable Meeting Rooms, this is the largest project to date for this reusable and freestanding solution. Working in collaboration with Perkins & Will, we utilised the unique features of the AMR to create a contemporary inner office village environment. Installed extensively over five floors at their London HQ, our client took full advantage of the selection of the sizes the AMR offers. We installed a series of rooms ranging from 1.5×1.5m single person phone booths, 2.4 x 2.4m interview rooms, 3.6m x 3m discussion rooms and larger 5.4m x 4.2m meeting rooms. Designed to accommodate a variety of working styles, the AMR offered the perfect way to break up their office. Whether their staff are looking for a place to take a private call, complete some solo work, or meet confidentially or collaboratively with colleagues, the AMR supplies a solution that ticks all the boxes.

Utilising the circular economy with the Optima Adaptable Meeting Room

Creating a stylish, healthy, productive, and sustainable working environment was key for our client. Therefore, architects Perkins & Will wanted to create a sustainable space that utilises the circular economy across the scheme. Designed to be reused time after time, our demountable, relocatable, sustainable Adaptable Meeting Rooms fit their brief perfectly. The modular nature of the AMR means they can adapt their collection of meeting rooms to evolve with the business. Furthermore, this circular feature extends the lifespan of the product whilst giving them the option to reintegrate the AMR back into the supply chain. It will even significantly reduce the need for any further expensive redesigns in the future.

“Concentrating on sustainability and designing a space that will work just as effectively in the future as it does today was crucial for the client. With this in mind, the Adaptable Meeting Rooms offered the perfect solution. The AMR enables the client to take it apart, move it and reconfigure it in a different location, meaning that as their needs change over time, the AMR can evolve and grow with them. The reusable design of the AMR means we were able to offer the client a truly circular solution to hit their design brief.” Senior Account Manager, Chris Grimmond

Glass partitioning systems bring adaptability and superior acoustic performance

Both our Adaptable Meeting Rooms and glass partitioning systems maximise the potential of this new office. With acoustics like no other, the AMR provides the ideal solution to enhance sound privacy throughout the office. With superior acoustic performance, the AMR offers a quiet comfortable space where employees can carry out collaborative team meetings or work privately all day. Achieving up to 41 Dnt,w with our double glazed systems. So much more than a pod the high-quality sound insulation and elegant, customisable aesthetic of the AMR creates the ultimate working environment.

Based on our Revolution 100 glass partitions, the AMR offers a stunning, high acoustic solution. It seamlessly integrates into the design, mirroring the aesthetic of this popular system perfectly. Revolution 100 double glazed partitions create several large boardrooms and private offices. Both systems follow the same design language, meaning we could maintain the same aesthetic style from the full height demountable partitions to the AMRs throughout. Achieving up to Rw53dB with two sheets of 16.8mm acoustic laminate glass, this dry jointed system reinforces the overall acoustic performance. This 100mm maintains the same visual appearance across the space whilst also addressing the varying acoustic requirements perfectly.

Acoustic doors and visual privacy add a finishing touch

Edge Symmetry double glazed doors complete the look of these boardrooms and private offices, offering impressive acoustic performance. Achieving up to Rw41dB this popular system offers the ideal acoustic solution for these private and collaborative spaces. Integrating Edge Symmetry doors allowed us to continue to follow the design language as these doors are also used in our sustainable Adaptable Meeting Rooms. Furthermore, the ironmongery has been suited across all the door systems to effortlessly connect the solutions.

Finally, we merged visual privacy with creative branding by applying a manifestation adapted from the client’s logo. Applied across all our products, this smart use of manifestation provides visual privacy whilst also maintaining a sense of brand throughout the entire design.

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