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Adaptable Meeting Rooms in Manchester help RLB’s staff return to the office safely

Providing safer workspaces for their staff as they return to the office was key for Rider Levett Bucknall. RLB placed a real focus on creating an office space that people felt comfortable coming back to. So much more than a pod, the Optima Adaptable Meeting Rooms in Manchester offers a flexible office solution whilst delivering a safe working environment. Working in partnership with RLB we created an attractive inner office neighbourhood, combining private meeting rooms with stylish breakout areas. 


Building beautiful office spaces with RLB  

Following the successful project at Rider Levett Bucknall’s London head office, we were delighted to be working alongside them again to install a collection of modular AMRs at their Manchester office. Collaborating with RLB again offered a great opportunity to build on our previous success in London. Furthermore, the prior experience helped us to further understand how best to achieve RLB’s design requirements. 

Maximising the potential of the office with the AMR

We worked with the RLB design team to create a solution that maximises the potential of their office. They wanted to provide an alternative space that fosters the different working styles and tasks of their team. The multifunctional feature of the AMR creates a range of meeting spaces that promote collaborating, socialising, or private working. Acting as a central hub, this pair of flexible meeting rooms also offers RLB a dynamic way to transform their office. Moreover, the AMR’s unique ability to adapt and evolve with a business’s needs adds an element of flexibility.

Additionally, our innovative “twist and lock” system allowed RLB to build an imaginative community within their floor plan. Connecting the AMR’s corner to corner we utilised the in-between spaces to form inspirational and agile areas. Seamlessly integrating into their office, the AMR creates several functional spaces both inside and out. As a result, the new layout, combined with the creation of RLB’s office, affectionately nicknamed ‘the lounge’, provides a multitude of new work and breakout areas.

Ensuring a safe return to the office for RLB’s staff

RLB has put employee safety at the heart of its business following the pandemic. Just like in their London HQ, RLB integrated hygienic systems into their AMRs. Fuzone 500 antibacterial lighting purifies the air and surfaces in the AMR using ultraviolet light and low-level ozone. Eliminating any viruses or bacteria in the room, this system ensures employees are working in a clean and safe space.

Further enhancing employee safety in the office, the AMR’s state-of-the-art twin fan ventilation system allows fresh air to flow continuously. Supplying clean air at a rate of up to 98 litres per second the AMR’s ventilation system ensures a healthy work environment for RLB’s staff. Also integrated with an air quality sensor, the system is constantly monitoring CO₂ levels. This, therefore, guarantees CO₂ remains at a safe and optimal concentration for people to work effectively all day.

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