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What collaboration brings to the table

One key aspect that collaboration offers is the opportunity for colleagues to come together and share their thoughts on a common platform. Employees can combine their individual skills to form new ideas that inspire a collective solution. By hearing various perspectives, teams can choose from a wealth of knowledge and experience, to best achieve their goals.

Furthermore, working as a team towards a common goal motivates employees. It gives them a strong sense of purpose in their individual roles. The team therefore understands that working together not only improves the success of the team, but it in turn boosts the productivity of the entire organisation.

Effective collaboration in the office is also important as it provides everyone with an equal opportunity to contribute their ideas. Therefore, this creates a strong sense of unity within the team and allows employees to learn new skills from their colleagues, gaining invaluable experience. Employees can then integrate these newly learned skills into their own work and enhance their abilities.

Why should you encourage collaboration in the office?

With people slowly returning to work, the need for office collaboration is greater than ever. Whilst many people have successfully transformed their homes into temporary offices over the last few months, many have missed the buzz of the office.

Although, virtual meetings have significantly eased working from home, workers feel that these interactions are not quite the same and therefore are not as effective as face-to-face meetings. Employees are also missing out on the impromptu interactions with colleagues in the office, where ideas are formed and discussed.

One aspect which collaboration in the office promotes is self-analysis. Working with others challenges individuals to think about and examine their work in more detail. Team members work as a second pair of eyes on each other’s work, therefore leading to a more comprehensive result.

Collaboration also promotes problem solving, by combining a variety of knowledge and experience teams can utilise their strongest assets. As a result, teams not only complete the job in hand, but they thrive in the process, producing revolutionary solutions.

In addition, when employees collaborate, they learn from one another. This therefore installs a culture of continuous learning within an organisation. This results in a more skilled workforce and creates the opportunity for growth and development. When people collaborate, they see and understand how others think and work. This then encourages people to alter the way they think and work outside of their comfort zone. As a result, employees not only enhance their own capabilities but they also strengthen the business.

Look at something flexible

Collaboration is clearly one of the key factors which is drawing people back to office, but we need to return in a manner that is safe for everyone. The Optima Adaptable Meeting Room® offers a unique, adaptable solution for your office. The AMR not only promotes collaboration but it also offers a safe and comfortable place for people to work. Whether you are looking for a spacious meeting room to discuss projects, host clients, or you need some informal space where colleagues can meet and share ideas over a coffee; the AMR offers a versatile modular solution designed to fit any space.

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